Top Product Photographer in Gurgaon

The newly founded, a world leader in digital photography, plans to introduce the brand in India. With more than 15 years of experience, the team specializes in various categories, including digital media photography, photography and digital video. Studio Fottox Photography is an Indian Product photographer, and we have a team of talented photographers, photographers and designers who together want to revolutionize the world of wedding photography with their innovative products.

Here is a list of the above categories, Karan kumar specializes in digital media photography, photography and digital video. Kunal has been working as a fashion photographer in Delhi for 8 years and specialises in fashion, fashion design and fashion photography.

He is a certified IMT and can look for thousands of sellers in India and around the world who forget to get on board our portal every day. When customers search for a product photo of their favourite products, they dial our number on their mobile phone (0124-4385479).

The photo partners we list are the most professional photographers in Gurgaon who strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Online in Udyog Nagar, Gurgaon you will find such professional photographers who struggle to meet the expectations of the customer. It is your duty to help your prospective clients with the best photographers who have all the tools to take photos – related tools and have behaved professionally.

The exclusive full-time photographers are the best product photographers in Gurgaon with the best quality products on the market. In general, the photographers who receive the most orders for their products receive the most orders for leading industry magazines, newspapers, television stations and other media.

For photo shoots, the standard rate for portrait photography is Rs. 7500 Rs and for semi-professional photographers it is about 10,000 Rs. For the average photographer, however, these prices often cost between Rs 5,500 – Rs 6,200 for a full-time photographer. Generally, the average salary for freelancers is about rupees. ” ” Rs, while commercial photographers earn about Rs 23, 00 000.

If you are a beginner photographer, most photographers with good experience and skills will charge about Rs. 7,500 Rs and if you work with beginners, they demand about Professional and real estate photographers usually charge between Rs 6,200 – Rs 10,00 for a full-time photographer and the cost of booking a photo shoot is Rs. 5000 Rs per hour. Event photographers charge Rs 7,500 – Rs 12,500 / h, wedding photographers around Rs 2,300 – 3,100 / h and architectural photographers in the upper price range charge a daily rate of Rs 1,400 – 2,000 depending on the location. These prices include the cost of equipment such as cameras, lenses, equipment and equipment, as well as travel expenses.